Monday, December 14, 2009

Black Inventors announces Black History Month Tour

The Black Inventions Exhibit (BIE) is proud to announce its tour themed “The Awakening: Black Inventors Worldwide”. This multimedia presentation is a tribute to the unsung heroes, Black inventors and innovators internationally. BIE will travel to over 100 cities throughout the United States and abroad to Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Many of the things people use daily are the brainchild of a Black inventor. The golf tee, automatic traffic light, cellular phone and dustpan all were created by Blacks. The mail box, pencil sharpener, super Soaker water gun (that gross over $180 million dollars) and the world’s fastest computer-peaking at 3.1 billion calculations per second-were created by the minds and hands of Black inventors.

The museum reveals many surprising facts, and highlights the accomplishments of Blacks inventors in the fields of science, aerospace communication, health care, agriculture, transportation and engineering. The aim of BIE is not only to give credit to the inventors, but to inspire others to believe that anything is possible.

Over 150 authentic artifacts are represented in the collection and include: Patent designs, personal letters, rare photographs and brief biographies of Black American inventors. Also featured are motivational placards and video documentaries.

“Our mission is to develop racial pride, promote racial understanding and provide a new motivation for learning. BIE is for everyone –all age groups and ethnicity. The Museum graciously compliments all science and American history curricula, while promoting positive images in those who seek to learn about the discoveries and challenges of these great men and women”, Dr. Ince stated.

The New York City based museum was founded 15 years ago in western Massachusetts. After 3 years of presenting in New England BIE went national, appearing at various venues throughout North America. Some of the locales include cultural expos, professional conventions and educational conferences. Learning institutions and community organizations are among the most significant places showcased. The last 4 years BIE has been touring internationally and looks forward to its debut in Europe and Japan this year.

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